Fox & Racoon figurines handmade with rabbit fur

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Realistic Fur Fox, Wolf & Raccoon Gifts

Lifelike wolf, raccoon & fox figurines made with rabbit fur so they look like a real animal.
They are like a Stuffed Animal but more realistic and life like.  What a great way to decorate your Cabin.  Great gift ideas for wildlife lovers! 


Wildlife art screen printed shirts and handmade furry animal gifts.
Handcrafted furry animals made with real fur and feathers.
Stuffed soft plush furry dogs, cats and horses.
Fake or synthetic furry cats, dogs and animals.
Deer hunting shirts available in:  Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Henleys and more!
Bird shirts available in: Eagles, Loon, Ducks, Pheasant and Turkey!
Fishing shirts available in:  Muskies, Walleyes, Northerns and more!
Animal wildlife shirts available in: Bear, Moose, Wolves, and Elk!
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Rabbit Fur Raccoon, Wolf & Fox
Figurines Order Page

Item # Size Price Order
F614 Fox with Baby 15.5"X8.6" Discontinued
F650B Sitting Fox 8"X10" Discontinued
F623 Standing Fox 9"X7" Discontinued
W2418 Standing Wolf 14"X10" Discontinued
W2440GY Howling Grey Wolf 7"X9" $38.00
W2440W Howling White Wolf 7"X9" $38.00
W2460 XX Large Howling Wolf 13.5"X19" $129.00
W2433 Growling Wolf 10.5"X5" Discontinued
F618 Sitting Fox 5"X3.5" Discontinued
W2425 Small Standing Wolf 5"X4" Discontinued
F624 Standing Fox 10"X6" 28.00
W2420 Wolf 10"X6" Discontinued
W2410 Standing Brown Wolf 13"X9" Discontinued
W2417 Standing Wolf 9.5"X6" Discontinued
W2454 Running Brown Wolf 14"X4.5" Discontinued
W2453 Running Grey Wolf 13"X5" Discontinued
F630 Sitting Fox 5"X7" Discontinued
F640 Fox 4 piece set 3"X3" Discontinued
F616 Laying Fox 5"X3" Discontinued
F612A Sleeping Fox with Baby 9"X3.6" Discontinued
F615 Sleeping Fox 11"X4" Discontinued
R1841 Raccoon holding Baby 6.5"X7.3" Discontinued
R1838 Large Crouching Raccoon 19"X9.5" Discontinued
R1835 Raccoon with Red Ball 5"X6" Discontinued
R18BL Black Jackalope 4.2"X6.4" Discontinued
R18T 4.2"X6.4" Discontinued
R18W White Jackalope Not Pictured 4.2"X6.4" Discontinued
R18GY Grey Jackalope Not Pictured 4.2"X6.4" $18.00
R1830 Crouching Raccoon 14"X6.4" Discontinued
R1831 Raccoon 5.5"X4.3" Discontinued
R1839 Sleeping Raccoon 12"X2.5" Discontinued
R1836 Standing Raccoon 8.2"X5.2" Discontinued
R1832 5.5"X4.2" Discontinued
R1834 Small Raccoon 4"X2.5" Discontinued
R1837 Small Sitting Raccoon 3"X3.5" Discontinued
R1840 Two Raccoons Together 7.2"X3.2" Discontinued

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Realistic Fox, Life Like Wolves & Raccoon Figurines Handmade with Rabbit Fur to look like a Real Fur Animal!

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Handmade furry animal figurines of fox, wolves and raccoons made with
rabbit fur to achieve a most realistic and lifelike look. 
Decorate your home with these life like critters that look real. 
Great gift ideas for raccoon collectors, fox lovers,
or people who love wolves.   Fun to collect furry animal figurines!

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